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*Beausoleil Oysters*
Elderflower Mignonette,
New Brunswick, Canada* 
GF - Priced Per Each $3

Chester County Artisan Cheese Plate
Chefs Selection of five local
Handcrafted Cheeses
Accompanied by Poached Pear | $19



Grilled Tea Smoked Salmon - $29
Organic Farro, Roasted Tomatoes, Pine nuts, Lemon Herb Sauce    

Grilled Pineland Farms Natural Ribeye - $45
Crispy Brussels Sprouts, Chilies, Bistro Herb

Baby Banana Roll* - $17
Tempura Fried, Spicy Yellow Fin Tuna,
Baby Banana, Papaya *Contains Raw Items


Chef's Selection of Five Local Handcrafted Cheeses, 
Accompanied by Poached Pear

Dim Sum Bento for Two - $20
Vegetable Spring Roll, Edamame Dumplings,
Chicken Curry Dumplings, Pork Dumplings

Seafood Bento for Two* - $28
Lobster Dumplings, Tuna Tartare*,
Lobster Sliders with Bacon, Shrimp Spring Roll

Sushi Bento for Two* - $32
Spicy Tuna Roll*, Maine Roll, Shrimp Tempura Roll, Yellow Fin Tuna Sushi*, Wild Salmon Sushi* 


Chicken Curry Dumplings - $8
Spicy Red Curry Peanut Sauce

Pork Dumplings - $10  
Thai Chilies, Shiitake Sauce

Vegetable Spring Roll - $9
Mango Sauce, Avocado
Green Tomato Sauce 

Edamame Dumplings - $11
Chanterelle Mushrooms,
Asparagus, Herb Sauce 

Branch Creek Baby Green Salad - $11 
Crispy Goat Cheese, Nectar Vinaigrette 

Crispy Calamari and Edamame - $13

 Shallots, Chilies,
Spicy Papaya Sauce, Tamarind Hoisin Sauce 

Vietnamese Beef Tenderloin Petite Sandwiches
Rosemary Potato Bread - $14

Tuna Tartare* - $15
Avocado, Organic Baby Greens,
Wasabi Aioli, Soy Glaze 

Crispy Baby Octopus - $14
Spicy Seaweed Salad 

Lobster Sliders - $18
Nova Scotia Lobster, House Smoked Bacon, Tomato 

Roasted Foie Gras - $27
French Black Truffles, Sushi Rice, Poached Quince │ GF

Steamed Pork Buns - $10
Iceberg Lettuce, Hoisin Sauce, Spiced Mayonnaise


Cinderella Pumpkin Soup - $8
Fried Goat Cheese

Shrimp Miso Soup - $8.5
Bok Choy, Scallion, Tofu


Tuna Roll* - $8.5 | GF
Spicy Tuna Roll* - $9 | GF
Spicy Salmon Roll* - $9 | GF
Yellowtail Scallion Roll* - $10 | GF
Tuna Avocado Roll* - $10.5
Cucumber, Flying Fish Roe* | GF
Salmon Avocado Roll* - $10.5 | GF

Shrimp Tempura Roll - $12.5
Tempura Shrimp, Cucumber, Eel Sauce, Spicy Mayo

Toro Roll* - $17
Soy Wrap, Flying Fish Roe* | GF

Cucumber Roll - $6.5 GF
Crunchy Vegetable Tempura Soy Wrap - $8.5


Sushi Deluxe Entree* - $34
Sea Urchin*, Salmon Roe*, Tuna*, Salmon*, Yellowtail*,
Shrimp, House Tea Smoked Salmon* | GF

Sashimi Deluxe Entree* - $34
Tuna*, Salmon*, Yellowtail*, Bass*,
Scallop*, Salmon Roe │GF

Sushi and Sashimi Combo* - $36
- Sushi - Sea Urchin*, Salmon Roe*,
Shrimp, Scallop*, House Tea, Smoked Salmon*

- Sashimi - Tuna*, Salmon*, Yellowtail*, Bass* │ GF


Spicy Tuna* - $4 | GF
 - $4.5 | GF
Stripped Bass* - $4.5 | GF
Salmon* - $4.5 | GF
Flying Fish Roe* - $4.5 | GF
Salmon Caviar* - $4.5 | GF
Shrimp - $5 | GF
Yellowtail* - $5 | GF
Sea Urchin* - $8 | GF
Day Boat Scallop* - $6 | GF
Salmon Caviar*, Quail Egg* - $6 | GF
Flying Fish Roe*, Quail Egg* - $6 | GF
Bluefin Toro* - $14
Sushi or Sashimi Appetizer* - $18
Tuna*, Salmon*, Bass*, Scallop*,
Shrimp, House Tea Smoked Salmon* | GF


Nectar Lo Mein - $12.5
Smoked Wild Boar, Chinese Sausage, Baby Greens 

Chicken Pad Thai - $16
Tofu, Peanut, Egg | GF

Vegetarian Wild Mushroom Pad Thai - $17
Tofu, Peanut, Egg 

Shrimp Pad Thai - $19
Tofu, Peanut, Egg | GF

Butter Poached Lobster Pad Thai - $32
Tofu, Peanut, Egg | GF


Canape Spicy Tuna*, Spicy Salmon* - $11
Inside Avocado, Cucumber | GF

Maine Roll - $17
Peekytoe Maine Jonah Crab,
Avocado, Cucumber │ GF

Yellowtail Two Ways* - $15
Outside Yellowtail*, Inside Spicy Yellowtail*│GF

Eel Roll - $19
Outside: Eel, Avocado, Inside: Peekytoe Crab,
Cucumber, Crunch 

Nectar Soy Wrap Roll* - $15
Tuna*, Striped Bass*, Salmon*,
Avocado, Spicy Mayo │GF

Seared Tuna Roll* - $17
Sesame Crusted Seared Tuna* Outside;
Spicy Salmon* Inside, Crunch, Eel Sauce

Tea Smoked Salmon* - $16
Spicy Peekytoe Crabmeat, Asparagus, Crunch 

Mango Roll* - $17
Inside, Shrimp Tempura; Outside,
Sesame Seared Salmon*, Mango, Eel Sauce, Spiced Mayo 

Chilled No Rice Sushi Roll* - $15
Tuna*, Salmon*, Striped Bass*, Avocado,
Cucumber, Ponzu Sauce  | GF

Canape Spicy Yellowtail*, Spicy Toro* - $17
Inside Avocado, Cucumber │GF

Inside Outside* - $21
Peeky Toe Crab Inside;
Salmon*, Tuna*, Black Bass*, Avocado Outside │GF

King Kong Roll* - $23
Grilled Filet Mignon, Nova Scotia Lobster Crusted with
Sea Salt, Cucumber, Shiso, Flying Fish Roe*


Crispy Chicken - $18
Serrano Chilies, Black Beans, Thai Basil, Chinese Broccoli Tips 

Thorn Hill Farm Moo Shu Pork - $21
Leeks, Shiitake, Bean Sprouts, Sweet Peppers, Serrano Chilies, Cucumber Salad, Pancakes 

Wok Chili Tenderloin of Beef - $32
Thai Basil, Chinese Broccoli Tips, Scallion, Chili Peppers 

Grilled Filet Mignon - $36
Blue Cheese Potato Croquette, Spinach Blue Cheese Dumplings 

Pineland Farms Natural Braised Short Ribs - $33
Yukon Gold Potatoes, Parsley, Mardon Sea Salt Thai Chili Hollandaise | GF

Hot Pot - $28
Shrimp, Striped Bass, Salmon, Scallop, Bok Choy, Water Chestnuts, Rice Noodles │ GF

Roasted Striped Bass - $28
Asparagus, Oyster and Shiitake Mushroom, Summer Black Truffle Sauce | GF

Gulf Shrimp Red Curry - $28
Crispy Fried Chow Mein Noodles, Asparagus 

Wok Amish Chicken and Gulf Shrimp - $25
Vietnamese Lime Basil Sauce │GF

Sea Salt Crusted Shrimp, Scallop, Beef Tenderloin - $34
Zucchini, Asparagus, Windy Acres Chilies



Nectar Vegetable Fried Rice - $9.5
Ginger Egg 

Saffron Infused Basmati Fried Rice - $9.5
Light Curried Chicken 

Pork and Chinese Sausage Fried Rice - $9.5

Lobster Fried Rice - $17 
Fresh Yellow Corn, Red Peppers │GF


Wok Windy Acres Baby Vegetables - $9.5
Garlic Sauce 

Vegetarian Wok Tofu - $12.5
“Kung Pao” Style, Chilies, Baby Sweet Peppers 

Chinese Eggplant - $13.5
Tofu, Baby Chinese Broccoli Tips, Black Bean Sauce 

Crispy Brussels Sprouts - $8
Chilies, Vietnamese Vinagrette




dessert dishes and drinks


finish dishes
| 9 |


Nectar Valrhona Chocolate Torte
Guanaja Chocolate Mousse, Cocoa Nib Candy,
Dark Chocolate Cake, Raspberry Coulis 


Warm Cinnamon Waffle
Buttermilk Ice Cream, Maple Glazed Banana, Candied Pecan,
White Chocolate Sauce, Rosemary Foam

Homemade Ice Cream │ Vanilla, Pistachio, Mint Brownie

Chocolate Bento for Two
 Tiramisu, Chocolate Caramel Truffle, Mocha Chocolate
Chip Cookie, Praline Ice Cream │18

 Hot Fresh Mini Doughnuts
Cinnamon Sugar Rolled, Trio Of Dipping Sauces:
Spiced Chocolate, Raspberry Vanilla, Coffee Caramel

Concord Grape Cheesecake

Blueberry-Pomegranate Sorbet, Mascarpone,

Cashew Brittle, Pomegranates

Harvest Bento for Two | Gingersnap Crème Brûlée, Valrhona Dulcey Ice Cream Pops, Cranberry, Pumpkin Seed, Hazelnut, Almond Candy Bar, Pumpkin Cream Cheese Whoopie Pies | 20 |

 Deconstruced Lemon Meringue Pie

Lemon White Chocolate Crémeux, Meyer Lemon Confit,Elderflower Meringue , Roasted Pinenut Ice Cream . Graham Cracker Crumb

Homemade Sorbet │ Chocolate, Mango, Lemongrass


Chefs Selection of Five Local Handcrafted Cheeses | Accompanied by Poached Pear

We Are Proud to Support Our Neighbor Farms
|Birchrun Hills Farm|  The Farm at Doe Run | Yellow Springs Farm

Pastry Chef  Julie Waters |



| Peanut Butter Cup Martini | Three Olives House Infused Peanut Butter Cup Vodka,
Shaken with Godiva Chocolate and a Touch Of Cream, Garnished with a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

| Caramel Machiatto-Tini | Three Olives Vodka, Godiva Chocolate, Cream De Cacao,
Butterscotch Schnapps, A Splash of Cream and a Shot of Espresso,
Shaken and Served in a Caramel and Chocolate Martini Glass

| Chocolate Covered Banana | Banana Puree, Vanilla Vodka, Crème de Cacao,
Crème de Banana, White Godiva