Farm Fresh from local & organic farms to Nectar plates!
Our focus at Nectar is on using the freshest and most sustainable ingredients we can get our hands on!
This includes both locally and organically grown produce and meat. We work closely with many farms in the area.
Check out their information below!


Thornhill Farm

Thornhill Farm, founded by Todd Hardie, former owner of Caledonia Spirits and Honey Gardens, is located in Greensboro, Vermont. The goal of this farm is to conserve the cropland and forest, and by a careful stewardship of these natural resources, grow grains, elderberries, pigs and honeybees and by producing value added products for the marketplace, employ people and bless the community of Greensboro, Vermont and beyond.


The Farm at Doe Run

Based on the simple philosophy of sustainable organic farming. Our talented culinary garden team strives to produce the highest quality fruits and vegetables, while our ACS award winning dairy/creamery creates some of the most sought after creative cheeses in Chester County.

We take great pride in our tireless effort to reflect the bounty of the seasons,
while being true stewards of the land.


Chester County Cheese Artisans

The Chester County Cheese Artisans represents farmstead and artisanal cheese makers practicing their craft in Chester County, Pa. Members dedicate their lives and lands to the art and science of making premier cheese from the milk of cows, goats, and sheep raised naturally and humanely on the Brandywine Valley region’s grassy pastures.

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Yellow Springs Farm

 We are a Native Plant Nursery and Artisanal Goat Cheese Dairy, founded by Catherine and Al Renzi, is located in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania. The farm and nursery consists of an historic farmhouse, dairy barn, a springhouse with pond on 8 acres of land. Orginally a dairy farm 150 years ago, they purchased the farm in 2001 protecting it from future development with a conservation easement. Their focus on conservation landscaping comes from the knowledge that preservation of our environment, including waterways and woodlands in both our residential and rural areas is necessary to insure the future health of the planet
and ourselves.


BIRCH RUN Hills farm

Birchrun Hills Farm is a family-owned dairy located in the highlands of Birchrunville, Chester County, Pa. The Millers caringly handcraft raw-milk cheese from the milk of the farm’s Holstein cows. Because the quality of milk defines the character of cheese, the cows’ well being comes first and no growth hormones are used.



"CleanFish is a company, an aspiration and a movement to promote seafood that’s the best of the season, better every season. We bring together artisan producers — both fishermen and farmers — and champion them in the marketplace under traceable, transparent brands.

Our network of artisans are stewards of their fisheries, and we are stewards of their stories as we connect producers to chefs and consumers in a celebration of fish you can trust with a difference you can taste."


PA Noble

We supply Nectar with their all organic, classic cheddar cheese, using a vegetable rennet, and aged a minimum of 11 months!


Common Folk

Working with Lancaster Farm Fresh, an organic co-op, Common Folk has been able to provide Nectar with a fabulous Blue Cheese made from cows' milk, and utilizing vegetable rennet to keep their cheese truly vegetarian!


Cross Creek Farm

Located in nearby West Chester, Cross Creek Farm produces herbs and honey. Owner Tina Miller raises roughly 25 culinary herbs that she sells to local chefs. With help from her father-in-law, Tina recently incorporated honey bees into her farm, which pollinate her plants and impart her honey with nectar from herbs!

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Pineland Farms Natural Meats

We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality NATURAL beef that is simply delicious, tender, and melt in your mouth flavorful! From its humble beginnings on the rocky coast of Maine to its present day representation of over 250 farming families, we continue to maintain the same missions and goals: to stengthen family farms across the country, to raise cattle with dignity and integrity and to ensure only the highest quality beef makes it to your table!


Oley Valley Mushrooms

With a passion for harvesting wild mushrooms, Joseph and Angela Evans started their mushroom farm in 1999. The couple specializes in both Oyster and shiitake Mushrooms, and have plans to incorporate other varieties. Oley Valley sells directly to Nectar as well as other restaurants, Winter Harvest CSA, West Chester Green Market, and the Reading Terminal Market at the Fair Food Stand.


North Star Orchard

We are located in southeastern Pennsylvania, and specialize in growing high quality fruit that is normally not available commercially. Ike and Lisa Kerschner grow over sixty varieties of Modern and Heritage Apples, seven types of Asian Pears, over thirty kinds of peaches and plums, as well as European pears, nectarines, berries, and cherries!



Here at Nectar we take our contributions to the environment seriously,
and for that reason we have an enormous renewable footprint,
providing nearly 60% of our energy consumption from the warmth of the sun.


these are Local wineries here,
in pennsylvania that we focus on:

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